My Service

I’ve been asked so many times – what are you doing exactly ?
I’m guiding clients through unknown emotional paths.
Most of them have a recent problem, and my job is to find the problem behind, which is related to the situation they find themselves stuck in. Once the problem is localized I put all my heart into shifting this energy to a creative output which makes life more enjoyable.
My clients are mainly artists, who express their feelings through creative work (musicians, painter, writers, producers, entrepreneurs, photographers and dancers).
I take them on a journey to create relevant authentic content out of crisis and blockades they are suffering from.
I also guide clients into personal growth out of relationship crises:
Business relationships
Couple relationships
Family relationships
My goal is to put my client in a stronger confident and happier position of fulfilled individual
wishes of the “FUTURE ME”.
To be so called “healed” means to me – to be free in your personal energy in every moment of your life. Emotions are movements that allowed you to be able to change the direction, feelings need just to be understood in order to be integrated and translated for your own good.


With many years experience in both the music industry and the world of branding,
My unique approach on all different sides of creative businesses and the people in them, makes my work special and effective.
I used to suffer from a hyperthyroidism and as a result was told I could not have children.
I was on long term medication.
At the time I was working with one of the hippest international techno labels and a huge international brand.
At some point I felt that I was in need of a life change and I embarked upon a journey of tremendous personal transformation.
My gut told me reevaluating and reorientation would put me in the right direction to heal my disease.
I stopped working for a time and spent almost all my money into my personal growth thanks to  all kind of techniques to expand my consciousness, unwind traumas,
blockades, cognitive disorders and also physical chronic diseases.
Throughout this process I knew in my heart that I would come back to work with creatives and artists, in order to teach this experiences in my very own way.
Through the awareness of how my system works I’m able to teach out of that, to learn and to understand yourself, each day, to become who you want to be.
I call it intuitive self-mastery.
Once we reveal our trauma, unknown feelings and diseases, we shift our energy into a new direction.
I’m helping to remember, manifest and change your habits to find your life purpose in different sections of your life.


These are the techniques I use:
Deep inner work for a future strategy through my 4Ms:
  • Meditation
  • Mind Exercises
  • Mastery of Mindset
  • Mind soul body self analyzing
RE-SORT 4 stages to transform blockades, depression, fear, and anger:
  • LOVE
I’m teaching clients to understand the self leak which is related to any kinds of addictions and the way to transform this in creative output.
I don’t treat the people who find their way to me as sick. I just feel and think they don’t know their true nature in the first place and what they deeply need. So I take them on a journey to find their very own source.
In the moment where they solve and connect deeply with their so called soul or need, they become authentic. Which leads into new ways of creativity or even into new work destiny.
I love my work so much, as people go out with a new perspective, a new vision and also a positiv new energy to inspire other people out of their personal growth.
I accompany and I give a hand on this very special journey to overcome fear for transformation.
Mara Sandrasekaram Overbeck

Greifenhagenerstrasse 6
10439 Berlin

I have an office in Prenzlauer Berg where clients come by.
I also visit clients in their working environment.
I go for a walk in the forest.
On the phone or zoom.